The box offers 4 to 5 different products each month. Each of them comes from a different part of the United States, so there is plenty of variety to be had. From cheeseburgers to Brussel sprouts, bacon makes everything better! With this three month subscription from Goldbelly, your pork-loving friend can indulge in strips of peppered, double-smoked, sugared, spiced and thick-striped bacon any time they please. Oh did we mention — a chocolate-covered variety is also included.

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Send a Meal’s goal is to provide delicious and healthy meals to people all over the country. Plus, they offer 2 different dinner of the month clubs. The Amazing Clubs dinners are not precooked, but only require minimal preparation. Our memberships can be purchased online in minutes and we offer customized gift announcements that can be printed immediately or emailed on a specific date. «It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten, our family looks forward to each month’s new arrival…» Discover true artisanal chocolates, made from pure premium ingredients and crafted by hand in small batches with dedication to innovation and artistry.

  • We’re already drooling over Goldbelly’s bacon subscription, which delivers the best bacon from across America each month.
  • We love this gift of the month club for avid travelers or college kids missing their study abroad program.
  • Each month, your recipient will be treated to a new variety of plant in a pretty pot, but it’s all of the added information that makes this club from Horti so special.
  • Get 12 bottles of quality wine for just $168 per shipment, plus S&H.

Each month the recipient will receive one plant with proper care instructions and tips in the pot of their choice. The plants are unique each month, and some months you may receive various planting accessories instead of the 6″ pot. All plant box subscriptions include free shipping and comes with a 30-day guarantee to cover any plants damaged in transit that do not survive. The different boxes include everything you need to help your plant to thrive.

Candy Club

You’re paying $29.99 per month for the box, although the first one only costs you $9.99. This version contains 13-ounce cups, giving you more than twice the amount of candy. It costs $49.99 per month and the first box is only $29.99.

How We Chose These Products

This is a fantastic gift for the Craft Beer enthusiast in your life. Give 2 to 12 shipments and receive up to 3 bonus gifts and an additional $30 bonus with your order. You’ll learn how different regions and their terriors impact each product.

Why This Gift?

You’ll receive 5 to 7 new keto products each month, including some that you won’t have heard about previously. The box itself offers 3 or 4 locally made artisanal products from Nashville. These are typically full size and can include items like honey, coffee and popcorn. They’re well presented too, making this subscription a great gift choice. As you can probably guess, Jackie’s Chocolate is a chocolate subscription. It contains a selection of handcrafted chocolates from the chocolatier.

Wine Gift Sets

The Soup of the Month Club is a gourmet gift your recipient will look forward to every month. Each month we will deliver for free the homemade soups available online. Our soups include new and exciting menus from award-winning chefs. Our prepared soup delivery will also include complete cooking instructions for that month’s selection.

A Wine of the Month Club membership is a fantastic way to explore new and private reserve wines from Canadian wineries or little-known gems from international wineries. Novice gardeners may prefer having projects like this, compared to simply getting a couple of plants each month. They also have an array of accessories to make your planting experience easier, with things like potting soil, brownstone planters, doormats, shears, gloves, and more. Because of their amazing service and selections, horti has been recognized by several media outlets like Fast Company, The New York Times, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, and goop. In addition to your plants you will receive a detailed care card with each plant.